Shake things up with these premium salt and pepper mills from Amazon

Spice up your homemade meals with freshly ground salt and pepper.

the AdHoc Twin Salt and Pepper Mill Set ($31.50) from Amazon.


Anyone who loves to cook can tell you that the most important aspect of preparing a dish is getting the seasoning right. Too little seasoning and the food may taste bland. Too much seasoning and the meal is ruined. It really is a matter of seasoning! Of course, there are endless spices and seasonings, but let’s stick to the classics here – salt and pepper.

Going a step further than plain old salt and pepper, freshly ground salt and pepper tastes even better. So you don’t want to just get a regular set of shakers from the store to fill it with pre-ground salt and pepper. Shit no. You need your own salt and pepper mills, like this stylish set from AdHoc. Especially when they are 37% off!

AdHoc Twin Salt and Pepper Mill Set

Ad hoc



These AdHoc salt and pepper mills are designed with both function and form in mind. Not only do they work incredibly well, but they’ll also look great in your kitchen or on your spice rack. The 5.5 inch grinders are finished in matte white (salt) and matte black (pepper) with an hourglass shape and a wooden lid that doubles as an aroma seal to keep everything fresh.

The grinders are fully adjustable so you can get salt and pepper as fine or as coarse as you want, and the spice containers are oversized so you don’t need to refill them as often as other products similar. They are made from high quality ceramic material so they are completely corrosion resistant and incredibly easy to clean. This material is also hard-wearing and durable, so the grinders last for many years.

Never suffer from bland meals again. Pick up one set of salt and pepper mills from Amazon today!