Shave and haircut

Shave and haircut

Visiting the hairdressing salons of my youth was a unique experience. Hair salons of the time were hangouts that not only cut their hair, but served as a meeting place for men and boys to hear local gossip, talk about sports, keep up with local news, and visit friends.

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My earliest memories of visiting the barber were a trip to White’s Barbershop in New Blaine. A friendly and welcoming man, he knew you by first name and gave you all the cuts of the day – the burr that left you hairless, the butch that left you a point in the front, and the traditional sidewalls, which left you with a lot. of hair on top to be slicked back into a pompadour or duck tail. My dad loved the traditional, so I had flanks, even when the boyish style turned into the long, stringy ’70s hippie look.