Survivor 41 – Episode 9 Statistics

Each week, Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will collect various Survivor-statistics and information related to the last episode of Survivor 41.

Immunity challenge – “Uncomfortably numb”

  • This challenge was previously used in San Juan del Sur, Kaoh rong, and David vs. Goliath.
    • Erika is the first woman to win this challenge.
    • This is the first time that this challenge has two winners.
  • This challenge name is based on the song “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd.
  • This was the first time Erika had been shown this season drawing a boulder that wasn’t gray (and forcing her not to take on a challenge).
  • The first three people to drop out of the challenge were the last three players left in last week’s immunity challenge (Evvie, Heather and Liana).
    • They fell in reverse order of their placement last week.
  • So far, at least one person from each starting tribe has gained individual immunity.
    • Luvu: Erika.
    • Ua: Ricard.
    • Yase: Evvie and Alex.
  • Danny, DeShawn, and Evvie won all three post-merger reward challenges.
  • Erika won a challenge in every episode where she took part in a challenge.
    • Episodes 1-5 Luvu won all immunity challenges.
    • Episode 6: She was not chosen for a team for the challenge.
    • Episode 7: She used the hourglass twist and was safe, so she did not participate in the immunity challenge.
    • Episode 8: She was part of the team that won the rewards challenge.
    • Episode 9: She won the immunity challenge.

Season / Returns / Benefits

  • This is the 6th season to experience a double elimination.
    • the Cook Islands Episode 10: Rebecca and Jenny have been eliminated.
    • Redemption Island Episode 11: Ralph and Steve have been eliminated.
    • South Pacific Episode 10: Dawn & Whitney have been eliminated.
    • Ghost island Episode 10: Jenna and Michael have been eliminated.
    • The island of idols Episode 9: Aaron and Missy have been eliminated.
      • Whenever that twist happened, it was in episode 9, 10, or 11.
      • All excluded players finished 9th and 11th in their season.
  • This was the first time the twist was done after the merger where players were voting from different starting tribes.
    • the Cook Islands: Pre-merger vote.
    • Redemption Island: Ralph and Steve were from Zapatera.
    • South Pacific: Dawn & Whitney were from Savaii.
    • Ghost island: Jenna and Michael were from Malolo.
    • The island of idols: Aaron and Missy were from Lairo.
    • Survivor 41: Naseer was from Luvu and Evvie was from Yase.
  • This version of the divided tribe voting was previously used in Ghost island and The island of idols.
    • Both times at least one of the tribal councils had a vote where the person who voted received 3 votes.
      • Ghost island: Jenna got 3 votes against her and was rejected, and Michael got 3 votes against her in the vote and was rejected.
      • The island of idols: Missy received 3 votes against her and was rejected.
      • Survivor 41: Naseer received 3 votes against him in the first vote, then received 4 votes against him in the vote and was rejected. Evvie also received 3 votes against them and was rejected.
    • Aaron is the only player voted unanimously on this version of the twist.
  • A similar twist occurred in Fiji where the merged tribe was split, but one team gained immunity and only the losing team had to vote against someone.
  • Alex is the only player left with an additional vote.
  • The two extra votes were played this season in odd episodes (7 and 9).
  • This is the second season to have both a double tribal council and a double elimination.
    • the Cook Islands: Episode 6 had double tribal and episode 10 had double elimination.
      • Double tribal council: Two tribes lose a member.
      • Double elimination: Two tribes lose two members.

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Tribal Council # 1

  • Naseer was eliminated 4-0 after a 3-3 draw forced a new vote.
    • It was the first tied vote this season.
  • There was no Yase member on this tribal council.
  • Naseer is the first man to be kicked out since JD in Episode 4.
  • Naseer is the 19th player excluded with an idol. The others are as follows:
    • James Clement (2 idols) in China.
    • Jason Siska & Ozzy Lusth in Micronesia.
    • Brendan Synott in Tocantins.
    • Erik Cardona in Samoa.
    • Andrea Boehlke in Caramoane.
    • Garrett Adelstein in Cagayan.
    • Jon Misch and John Rocker in San Juan del Sur.
    • Scot Pollard in Kaoh Rong.
    • JT Thomas in Game changers.
    • Chris Noble in The ghost island.
    • Kelley Wentworth & Aubry Bracco in On the verge of extinction.
    • Kellee Kim (2 idols), Vince Moua and Chelsea Walker in The island of idols.
    • Sophie Clarke in Winners in the war.
      • Brad Reese was eliminated with an Idol this season, but she was never activated.
  • Naseer is the first Luvu man to be kicked out.
  • Shan is the 7th player to use an additional voting advantage.
    • She is the first player to use her extra vote to vote for two different people.
    • She is also the first player to successfully use the extra vote to get rid of her primary target.
  • This is the second time that an additional voting advantage has been used in a tie vote.
    • The first time was in episode 10 of The ghost island.
      • These two tribes performed in episodes of double elimination.
  • Naseer is the fourth player to be voted on on Day 17.
    • The first was Chet Welch in Micronesia.
      • The first player eliminated on Day 17 was Mike Skupin in The Australian Outback when he was evacuated.

Tribal Council # 2

  • Evvie was eliminated 3-2.
  • Evvie received votes in both post-merger tribal councils where they were vulnerable.
  • It was the first episode of this season where Danny successfully voted for someone.
  • There were no Ua members at this tribal council.
  • The two vulnerable members of Yase received votes in this tribe.
  • Liana rejected all members of her original tribe, except Alex.
  • Ricard is the only LGBTQ + player remaining in the game.
  • Everyone on Yase has now received at least 2 votes.
  • Danny, Erika and Shan are the only players left with no votes against them.
  • Erika, Heather, Liana, Ricard * and Shan * have perfect voting records this season.
    • * Ricard voted for Heather in this episode’s initial vote, but voted for Naseer in the vote.
    • * Shan split her vote between Naseer and Heather, and voted for Naseer in the vote.
  • Both players voted this week were in the majority with their tribes from origin to tribal.
    • Tribal 1
      • Luvu: Naseer, Erika and Heather.
      • Ua: Ricard & Shan.
    • Tribal 2
      • Yase: Evvie, Liana and Alex
      • Luvu: Danny & Deshawn
  • This is the first time that two people have been eliminated on the 17th day.
  • Evvie is the fifth person to be eliminated on the 17th day.
    • The most recent person to vote on Day 17 was Lyrsa Torres, coincidentally also an LGBTQ + player from Massachusetts.
    • They were both eliminated with three votes against them, one of which came from a member of their starting tribe (Nick for Lyrsa and Liana for Evvie) and two players from an opposing starting tribe (Mike & Angelina for Lyrsa and Danny & Deshawn for Evvie).
  • There remains an even number of men and women with four each.
    • Additionally, each starting tribe has an even number of remaining males and females.
      • Luvu: 2 men (Danny & Deshawn), 2 women (Heather & Erika).
      • Ua: 1 man (Ricard), 1 woman (Shan).
      • Yase: 1 man (Xander), 1 woman (Liana).
  • Liana is the only Yase member to successfully vote for someone after the merger.
    • Alex, Tiffany and Evvie have not voted correctly since the pre-merger.


  • Alex had the most confessionals this episode with 6.
  • Danny and Naseer had the fewest confessionals with 1 each.
  • Shan still has the most faith count this season at 46.
  • Heather has the lowest with 6.
    • It was the first time Heather had had confessionals in two consecutive episodes.
  • This is the first episode since the first where everyone had at least 1 confessional.


Episode title

  • The title of the episode “Who’s Who in the Zoo” was spoken by DeShawn at the Tribal Council when he discussed how he thinks people will vote and who will vote with whom.

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