Swizz Beatz partners with De Bethune to create a limited edition watch

Swiss luxury watchmakers De Bethune unveiled their latest timepiece at a major watch event, WatchTime New York on October 23.

Born from De Bethune’s collaboration with acclaimed American producer and rapper Swizz Beatz, the Dream Watch 5 is a striking and contemporary take on the ongoing watch series that De Bethune began in 2008.

With only 10 of the watches produced, the Dream Watch 5 is an extremely limited edition and markedly different from its predecessors while paying homage to the contemporary curvaceous shape of previous Dream Watches.

The collaboration started with Swizz Beatz who spontaneously contacted De Bethune in 2020, challenging Swiss watchmakers to create a totally different Dream Watch 5. Watch 5 sums up the themes of light and transparency.

Housed in a polished blue titanium exoskeleton, the surface of each component of the Dream Watch 5 is “patiently polished until it becomes a real mirror” with parts of the watch taking days to polish to create this result. reflecting light.

Everywhere, De Bethune has incorporated rich shades of blue that evoke “the notion of fullness”, water, sky and space. The deltoid-shaped case is made up of eight different sapphire crystals.

Inside, the caliber houses a “titanium balance surrounded by a patented white gold ring, a balance spring with a De Bethune end curve developed and patented in-house”. A silicon escapement wheel oscillates at a rate of 36,000 vibrations per hour; twice as fast as a classic tourbillon.

Dream Watch 5 “Season 1” will be available for US $ 520,000 or approximately A $ 689,550. In an Instagram post, Swizz Beatz announced that “Season 2” is coming soon.

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