The first dual time zone model in the Bell & Ross BR 05 range offers a more urban interpretation of travel and time.

With the prospect of travel on the back burner for so long, the globetrotting experience and the environment of airports and airplanes have become highly desirable in the wake of the pandemic. Bell & Ross’s new timepiece, the BR 05 GMT, aims to awaken a glimmer of hope and bring us back to our dynamic reality.

The BR 05 GMT is created to symbolize soft solidity. The design alternates curves and strong lines. It is robust without being abrupt. Designed for travel, the engine is set to two time zones, making it the perfect instrument for the urban explorer.

The latest model belongs to the family of watches with an integrated bracelet. Accompanied by a dial reflecting the architectural DNA of the brand, the bracelet elegantly merges with the square steel case to create a unified piece. Available in black rubber or satin-finished and polished steel, its articulated links are flawlessly flexible, allowing optimal wearing comfort.

Carved in steel, the BR 05 GMT captures the synergy between the urban and the desire to escape. The steel unmistakably recalls the mineral atmosphere of airport hangars with concrete, metal, white lights and graphic signs. Thanks to its integrated design, powerful comfort and precious finishes, the timepiece is a must-have for anyone who practices an active, urban lifestyle.

Radiant with a subtle sunray finish, the dial of the BR 05 GMT offers great readability. The black and white contrast of the dial is not only anchored in Bell & Ross’ DNA, but also echoes the colors used for on-board flight instruments. Designed for the traveler to read with the utmost clarity and precision, the graphics are elaborate and the display is as distinct as that of airport clocks.

The GMT hand blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of the BR 05 and is distinguished by its red arrow, circling the dial in 24 hours to display the second time zone. White, black and red are the iconic colors of Bell & Ross, and ensure clarity day and night. The Bell & Ross design studio is also working to increase the dimensions of the case to integrate this 24-hour scale, thus making it easier to read the time at a glance: the black semicircle on the flange corresponds to the nocturnal hours, while the gray semicircle in the daytime.

Where 2020 was marked by the launch of the chronograph version of the model, Bell & Ross is further enriching its range this year with a new function linked to the hopeful return of international travel. For now, let’s sit down and enjoy the new BR 05 GMT.

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