The new luxury golf gear you’ll want to sport on and off the green

Over the past two years, the game of golf has grown. With its spacious outdoor setting and leisurely pace, it was embraced as a favorite way to let off steam during the height of the pandemic. An estimated 24.8 million people played golf in the United States in 2020, an increase of 500,000. That’s the biggest increase in…wait…17 years.

As a younger generation of players flock to the game, it has resulted in a cooler style on the course. Sure, tucked-in polo shirts, preppy vests and eye-catching printed pants are still hallmarks of the sport, but now they have slimmer, sleeker silhouettes and with just a hint of luxe and even on-trend. Today, a new generation of forward-thinking brands like MARK & LONA are bringing style and performance to the game. Here are some of our favorite pieces to make sure you look as good as you play – or as good as you wish you could play – the next time you hit the course.

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Ruler Gradate Crewneck Sweater

The one-of-a-kind airbrush pattern of this sweater aims to stand out from the crowd. And while it certainly packs a visual punch, its real power lies in its luxurious fabrications (a blend of technical yarns) that allow players maximum mobility while keeping them warm.

Golf Edition Smartwatch

A limited edition watch designed for golf enthusiasts, this timepiece from the beloved Swiss brand aims to enhance the sporting experience. It is designed to be light and sporty and packed with functional features. Even better, it connects to a smartphone app that helps you track your progress and stats. Oh, and the limited-edition balls and tees that come with this bad boy will have you bragging rights.

Revolt Hyper Stretch Crew Top

Sleek and graphic with just the right amount of branding, this topper hugs the body and moves with it as you blast your way around 18 holes with friends. The side zippers give the piece a slimming look and provide just the right amount of swagger, making it the perfect piece to layer with an interior (as seen here) or wear on its own.

Flak 2.0 XL goggles

No one needs a wandering gaze to play along with their game. To ensure your eye is always on the ball, so to speak, these lightweight sunglasses provide ample coverage that extends to the lines of sight peripheral devices. The trademark design, materials and construction ensure they minimize sun-related distractions and are so low-profile you’ll barely know you’re wearing them.

Ruler JQ Jersey Pants

Say goodbye to the loud printed pants that were once a signature item on the golf greens of the past. This pair of two-way stretch pants is a step in a more refined direction. Side stripes and a tapered fit give it a retro-modern feel, and the little stretch means you’ll be comfortable as you blast your way through the course.

Wild Thing Umbrella

Real golfers don’t let rain, sun or snow get in the way of their game. And one way to beat the elements is with a no-joke umbrella like this guy. Made from windproof nylon and stretching to 61 inches, and covered in snarling wolves (!!!), this bad boy will protect you from whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Chromakey Baggy Vest

Don’t let cold days keep you off course. This oversized logo vest is the perfect layer for unpredictable spring weather. Put it on whenever there’s a pinch in the air for quick isolation that will give you the freedom to move easily through your swings.

Riley Cap

Nothing can ruin a good drive like the glare of the midday sun. Sunglasses can’t do much, so a brimmed hat is a good addition to ensure your field of vision is as clear as possible. This luxe hat has just the style to give your head a swagger. Wear it with pride.

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