The Shift Network Announces Series A Funding Led by Evolve Ventures and Bridge Builders Collaborative to Accelerate Growth and Impact

PETALUMA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The Shift Network, a global leader in transformational education and media, today announced an investment of $ 8.7 million in Series A funding led by Evolve Ventures and Bridge Builders Collaborative, two groups who have invested in many revolutionary areas of health, wellness and meditation. companies.

The Shift Network, which has served more than 3.5 million people in 180 countries, will deploy this investment to expand the company’s educational offerings, strengthen its team and invest in next-generation technologies.

“We are at a point in history when we must shift our consciousness if our planet is to meet our challenges,” said the president of Evolve. Bo shao. “It’s at the heart of Shift Network’s mission – to help wake up humanity. Evolve is proud to be part of its mission to raise 100 million people around the world and create a prosperous world for future generations.

CEO of Evolve Julius Mokrauer, who also teaches at Columbia Business School, added, “As impact-driven investors, we are intrigued by how Shift offers a long-term transformation journey for clients. We are excited about how this can accelerate human development and inspire the field of conscious capitalism. ”

“We are grateful that investors entering this cycle recognize that the only sustainable way to move our society forward is to have wiser human beings,” said Stephane Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network. “This investment will help us expand our reach and make more wisdom available to all who can benefit from it. ”

“We appreciate how The Shift Network supports spiritual exploration and transformation with a remarkable group of world-renowned teachers,” says Charlie hartwell, Managing Director of Bridge Builders Collaborative. “We are also impressed that they have grown so much with little outside investment, which gives us confidence that they can evolve in the years to come. ”

As part of the investment, Julius Mokrauer will join the board of directors of The Shift Network, and Charlie hartwell will join as an observer of the board of directors.

About the Shift network: Founded in 2010, The Shift Network has empowered more than 3,500,000 people in 180 countries. It features teachers and thought leaders in fields as diverse as spirituality, holistic health, psychology, energy medicine, Qigong, somatics, indigenous wisdom, sound healing, yoga, herbalism and peacebuilding. The Shift Network launches new courses and summits several times a week, as well as a wide range of podcasts and other multimedia offerings, most notably through its Shift app, available in Apple and Google stores. The Shift Network is committed to empowering 100 million people over the next five years to accelerate the transition to a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous planet for all.

About Evolve Ventures: Evolve Ventures is an impact-focused, $ 100 million seed venture capital fund. With a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Shanghai, Evolve supports mission-conscious, conscious visionaries who use technology to create platforms, applications, and initiatives to alleviate stress. inner suffering and to facilitate personal transformation. Although they prioritize impact over profit, they believe that over the next decade many important and profitable companies will be created to address the growing challenges of mental health around the world and to facilitate the evolution of the world. human consciousness. Evolve executives co-founded one of China’s most successful venture capital funds and co-managed one of the first major early-impact venture capital funds in the United States. Recent investments include Insight Timer, Parent Lab, Fabriq and 10% Happier.

About Bridge Builders Collaborative: Bridge Builders Collaborative has been pioneering investors in mindfulness, awareness, mental health and spirituality, having been the early investors in companies such as Headspace, Pear Therapeutics, Happify Health, Insight Timer and Interaxon. This unique group of experienced investors have come together to collaborate with each other to make transformative investments that can create global paradigm shifts to support human flourishing.

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