Tissot unveils its three-piece MotoGP 2022 watch collection

Tissot watches are commonplace at a MotoGP race weekend. The Swizz brand rightly sponsors every Saturday of MotoGP qualifying, with the poleman of each event receiving a brand new Tissot watch as a reward. This partnership goes beyond race heats, however, and Tissot recently introduced its latest MotoGP-inspired watches for the 2022 season.

Each watch is based on the brand’s T-Race line but is available in automatic or quartz configurations. However, at €1,025 (US$1,125) and only 3,333 units produced, the Tissot T-Race MotoGP Automatic Chronograph rules the roost. Just below the automatic watch, the MotoGP Quartz Chronograph 2022 Limited Edition and the Marc Marquez T-Race both sell for €745 ($818). Playing on Marquez’s iconic number 93, Tissot will only produce 3,993 Marc Marquez edition watches. The Quartz Chronograph variant will be the most readily available with 8,000 units.

Tissot describes the standard T-Race Swissmatic as “inspired by the frame and parts of motorcycles, with features such as the iconic brake disc bezel or the attachment point reproducing motorcycle suspensions”. The brand builds on this foundation with a helmet-shaped watch case. The Auto render features the most motorcycle design cues while the Quartz opts for a more understated retro aesthetic.

The Marc Marquez edition amps up the style with the driver’s signature red color. The three carbon fiber dials get the bold hue. The tachymeter numerals are also molded in red, and the watch comes in a special helmet-shaped box designed after Marc Marquez’s Shoei X-Spirit III brand.

Each watch in the collection is water resistant (up to 100m), so wearers can still lead active lives when not cycling. Tissot watches all come with individually numbered stamps on the back and MotoGP branding to cement the partnership between the Grand Prix racing series and the Swiss watchmaker.