TWO-TIMER: Community Christian Valedictorian graduate with WC associate degree | Local News

When Community Christian School Senior and Valedictorian 2021 Elizabeth Blevins enters the University of Texas campus later this year, she will do so with an Associate in Arts under her belt.

“It makes me feel more accomplished than when I was in high school, I did more before I went to college,” said Blevins, who signed up for double credit in second year at CCS. “I think it gave me a feel for how college classes are and so I know a bit more about what I’m getting into and it gives me a head start on what I want to do later.

Since Community Christian School partnered with Weatherford College’s double credit program in 2012, eight students have now earned their Associates degree upon graduation from high school.

“Elizabeth is the eighth student at our school to graduate with an Associate Degree while also graduating from high school and our school had the very first student at Weatherford College in 2016,” said Doug Jefferson, Community Administrator Christian School. “Since about 2013, almost all graduates have obtained double credit. We love our double credit and encourage our students to at least take some so that they get their feet wet while they are still in high school.

Blevins will officially graduate before graduating from CCS on May 28.

“It’s very important because she’s going to UT in the fall and coming on campus day one as a college junior,” said Blevins’ father, Terry. “It’s a great program and I’m very proud of my daughter. She is a wonderful young woman who wants to pursue a career in medicine. “

Blevins said his current goal is to become a dermatologist.

Jefferson said Blevins had to work above and beyond to accomplish what she had.

“It took a lot of dedication on her part, a lot of hard work and she had to balance a bit because she was taking a full load of high school. It was a huge amount of work and it’s not easy, ”he said. “I’m filled with pride, this young lady is amazing and she’s very smart and she’s a strong writer, which is why she does well at the college level because she’s a fantastic writer. His strength is definitely his ability to write.

Blevins was also named Major of the Community Christian School in 2021.

“It feels good,” said Blevins – who added that his speech was already prepared. “I have worked hard for this and I am very happy to be the Major of the Promotion.”

CCS Special Programs Director Naomi Lemons said Blevins was part of the first kindergarten class she was teaching, so it’s a bittersweet moment.

“Elizabeth has the drive to succeed and is committed to excellence. I had the honor of teaching her again this year as a university professor and it was so much fun to be able to work with her again, ”said Lemons. “She really blossomed into an amazing young woman with a strong work ethic. I have often been amazed by his plans for the class and by his creativity.

Jefferson said Blevins followed in his older sister, Rachel’s footsteps.

“She graduated from Community Christian School and was also a valedictorian. Rachel was a valedictorian in 2013, she went to Texas Tech [University], “he said.” I would really say Rachel was a rock to Elizabeth. She was very important to Elizabeth and helped her a lot.

Rachel is now RT America correspondent in Washington DC

Jefferson added that in addition to Blevins’ other accomplishments, she also had perfect attendance in her senior year.

“I think it’s pretty impressive. Few high school seniors get perfect attendance, ”he said.

Blevins said she will miss the united community that is her high school.

“I’m going to miss how close everyone was at school and how the classes weren’t that big,” she says. “Everyone was very close and it was more personal.”

Lemons said the staff at CCS love working with students to help them discover their passion and purpose.

“Also helping them find out who God is, who he says they are and what he has for them,” she said. “We look forward to seeing Elizabeth continue to thrive in her love of science. We know that when we love what we’re doing, it never really works. We hope this is what every CCS student finds out, what they really like.

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