watches designed for frequent travelers.

After several blockages, a staycation is less and less exciting. Who really wants a vacation confined by the same walls you’ve languished behind for too long for the past two years? Unfortunately, our summer options are still quite limited. International flights remain hilarious, while Airbnbs are now fully booked for all but the most painful places. Therefore, if you are even vaguely disorganized, it will be “home, sweet home”.

Flaunt Top Gun’s swagger with chic pilot’s watches.

The result is that international travel now shines with greater appeal than ever before. In the world of watchmaking, part of this urge to travel has transferred to watches designed for frequent travelers. GMT watches – like the Rolex GMT-Master II or the Omega Aqua Terra GMT Worldtimer – originated in the 1950s, when air travel was still a terribly glamorous business. With its ability to track two 24-hour time zones at once, GMT exuded an ambitious panache in tacitly signaling the wearer’s jet-set lifestyle.

Meanwhile, aviator’s watches, like the Longines Spirit Titanium, enjoyed equally intoxicating associations. Originally designed as wrist tools for those who wield the cockpit, they continue to project a certain Top Gun swagger.

From left to right: Omega Aqua Terra GMT Worldtime, Rolex GMT-Master II, Longines Spirit Titanium.

From left to right: Omega Aqua Terra GMT Worldtime, Rolex GMT-Master II, Longines Spirit Titanium.


Don’t worry if you can’t actually fly a plane. Many people live vicariously through their watches. A landlocked farmer can have a 300-meter dive watch that never tastes the salty taste of the ocean. An accountant might wear a chronograph as a nod to those desperate dreams of running the Bathurst 1000. What’s going on here is akin to an adult cosplay, with the watch serving as a provocative wish-fulfillment totem.

Illusioned? May be. But if your current reality is a bit mundane, injecting a touch of whimsy can make the day-to-day easier to digest. You may have to resign yourself to being a wheelchair traveler this summer, but on your wrist this GMT is eyeing the sky, ready for your next adventure.

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