What we know about the spooky accident that took Katey Sagal to hospital

Among the supporters on Twitter were some of his longtime animated series “Futurama” co-stars. For the 14 years of the series, Sagal played Leela, a cyclops-like alien with an hourglass figure. John DiMaggio, who voiced the sarcastic robot Bender, tweeted: “@KateySagal big cry of love to you, hoping you are well !!” The tweet caught the attention of fellow voice actor Maurice LaMarche, who played Kif, Morbo and Calculon on the show. The march responded, “Holy shit! I just found out about this now! Sending you thoughts of love and healing, @KateySagal!”

Some fans indulged in a bit of dark humor, knowing Sagal wasn’t badly injured. A few joked that Al Bundy – Sagal’s onscreen husband in “Married … With Children”, played by Ed O’Neill – was actually the one behind the wheel. Another blame inventor of the car: “Add Katey Sagal getting hit by a Tesla to Musk’s crimes.”

Most recently, Katey Sagal had a recurring role on “The Connors” as Louise, the love interest of widower Dan Conner. Her accident happened just a day after the show’s last episode, in which Louise and Dan got married, by Entertainment tonight. It is not yet known whether the recording of the show will be postponed during his convalescence.

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