Why You Should Prioritize Skin Workouts in 2022

After working as a beauty editor for 13 years and becoming an authority on global spa experiences, the founder of FaceGym Inge Theron realized that there was a gap in the market between traditional facials and invasive cosmetic treatments. She offered, “Why don’t we start thinking about our face as our body?”

Since its inception in 2015, FaceGym has educated thousands of people on how to use their facial workouts to tone, firm, and lift skin without the need for expensive injectables or facial treatments that don’t produce lasting results. Recently, E! was able to get the full scoop from Inge herself on FaceGym’s beloved celebrity treatments and how you can do them from the comfort of your home.

E! : In your opinion, what are the main advantages and/or differences between a FaceGym workout and a standard facial treatment?

THIS: When you walk into a FaceGym, the first thing you notice is that it looks like a gym. We don’t even call our trainers “beauticians”. Instead, they are called trainers. So you sit down with some music and the first thing that happens is one of our trainers will study your face. We’ll be looking for some initial flaccidity around the neck, maybe looseness around the jawline, sagging around the cheek and eyelids. We will decide the best way to manipulate the muscles and work them with our hands.

We call them the 40+ forgotten facial muscles. When you stimulate these muscles through massage or EMS current, you can bring about a truly incredible change. Simply treating the skin is not enough as you head towards the end of your years. Starting in your 30s, your skin begins to sag, so to keep that toned and youthful appearance, you need to work on the muscles.