“Will not change the result” – Djokovic invited to reveal his vaccination decision

“It will not change the result” – Novak Djokovic invited to quickly reveal his vaccination decision

Todd Woodbridge urged Novak Djokovic to put aside any vaccine hesitation to ensure he can play at the Australian Open.

In an interview earlier this week, Djokovic refused to disclose his COVID vaccination status before criticizing the media for even asking him the question.

The Australian government has said tennis players will not be granted visas to enter the country unless they have been vaccinated, endangering Djokovic’s potential participation.

However, Woodbridge is hoping the Serbian bites the bullet and comes to Australia to compete for what would be a record-breaking major title.

“The fact that he’s saying he’s not going to tell us whether he had it (the vaccination) or not, probably means he still hasn’t been vaccinated,” Woodbridge told Wide World of. Sports.

“It is becoming more and more likely that if you don’t have it, it will be very difficult to get here.

“Novak is waiting until the 11th hour to make that decision, I can’t imagine him not wanting to be here, not wanting to play in what has been his most successful tournament.

“That hourglass is spinning, and there’s not much left, he’s going to have to make that call somehow, and if he has it, he’ll have to tell us.”

“Holding him close to your chest won’t solve the problem for him. “

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